Sauteed paneer in Korean bbq sauce. Pretty simple: Part 1: Slice the paneer quarter of an inch then fry in a pan using sesame oil. Flip both sides until light golden brown. Watch this frying process carefully as you do not want them burnt. Part 2: Remove excess oil from frying then sautee garlic, scallions,…

Accidental apple disks

Apple disks or medallions? Whichever it  is, I share today’s credits with Pillsbury! Originally for an apple turnover, I used the Pillsbury pastry dough to create this delightful teatime treat. I’d mistakenly frozen the turnover kit and when I opened it to assemble, the dough wouldn’t unroll. Thinking quickly, I just decided to slice the…

Lentil Soup

Recipe, thanks to Emilie Sarasua The following recipe should yield about 4 portions. Ingredients:1 1/2 cup of split lentils1 med tomato (diced)2 cloves of garlic minced 1/2 med size onion diced1 tsp fresh ginger minced1 1/3 tsp of cumin seeds1 tbs of turmeric powerSalt and cracked pepper (to taste)3 tbs of olive oil 1 box of 900…

Guilty pleasures

After a week of… here’s Friday night and Saturday morning!

Avocado for Lunch?

Multi-grain toast, avocado slices and mushrooms. I assure you, it is yum!